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Buffet Crampon R13A Clarinet--ICON Bell & Barrel, Backun Lumiere Barrel!

Buffet Crampon R13A Clarinet--ICON Bell & Barrel, Backun Lumiere Barrel!

Buffet Crampon R13A (Key of A) clarinet for sale!  Exceptional condition:  wood with no chips, cracks, or repairs, tenons are square with no wobble between joints, plating about 99.9% with little if any wear at all, silver rather than nickel, a $521 upgrade.  Just through the shop where it was bore oiled and had new pads installed:  the lower in a combination of white kid leather, cork, and Ferree’s B17 de’Jur where the leather were a little too thick to vent properly, and the upper in Ferree’s cork other than the ring keys, which of course are B17 pads as well.  Plays very well across the entire horn.  Includes some very nice extras and upgrades:  a Backun Lumiere 66 mm barrel ($250,) brand-new Buffet ICON 650 inverse-taper barrel with black nickel rings ($244.99), and a brand-new Buffet ICON bell with black nickel rings ($399.99.)  There is a lot of flexibility with this horn between focus, projection, centeredness and response. (For that matter, I have bunches of bells and barrels, including MOBA, Grabner, Pereira and Buffet that we could work out, if you have a preference.) Also includes a very nice neck strap, new bore oiling swab, Vandoren B40 mouthpiece, and Buffet cap and ligature.  Cork grease and key oil are for local pickup only and will not be shipped.  All in the deluxe, leather, attache double case with gold hardware.  S/n 601XXX is far too new for the published lists, but will should be 2009-2010—by far the newest and nicest Buffet A clarinet you’ll find.  Sells new for $5,343.97, so snatch this one up, get some very nice upgrades, and save almost $2,000!

    $3,799.00 Regular Price
    $3,419.10Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax
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