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Golden Era Buffet R13 Silver Plate Clarinet

Golden Era Buffet R13 Silver Plate Clarinet

One of several professional clarinets we are offering for sale. This is a Buffet Crampon R13 in Bb.  S/n 132XXX makes this 1972--a vintage horn right in the sweet spot of Buffet's Golden Era.  It is in exceptional condition:  wood is a beautiful billet of grenadilla with a straight, tight grain and no cracks, chips, pins or other repairs.  Tenons are nice and square with no wobble between joints, which is unusual for a horn of this era.  Silver plated rather than nickel (a $560 upgrade) about 99.9% intact with little if any wear at all--also unusual for this era, and indicative of the fact that this instrument has had very little playing time at all.  Just through the shop where it was bore oiled and had new tenon corks and all new, long-lasting Valentino Masters’ Series pads installed—one of the quietest and trouble-free pads on the market. Note that this was oiled with sweet almond oil, which may cause allergic reactions in people with nut allergies. Plays very well across all registers with excellent intonation and a full, dark tone. Cork grease and key oils are for local pickup only and will not be shipped, but it does include a new SuperSlick chamois swab, new ProTec microfiber cloth, Vandoren 5RV mouthpiece, Buffet cap and a hard-to-find Vandoren Master's lightweight ligature. All in the Buffet lightweight pochette case which is perfect for backpacks and shoulder bags.  Sells new at WWBW for $4,768, so snatch this one up, and save almost $3,000!

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