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Natural Sheet Cork For Clarinet, Sax, Oboe Tenons and Keys!

Natural Sheet Cork For Clarinet, Sax, Oboe Tenons and Keys!

Selling tons of overstock sax pads, flute pads and sheet cork. A few bags and a some random pads were not labeled, and I had to measure in several places on several pads with a caliper. I could be off by 0.5 mm either way. I think I did a very accurate job, however. All are brand new.


Prices are in USD. Priced at 30% or more savings compared to Ferrees, Pisoni or Allied, and with huge additional discounts for larger orders. Note that 30% plus 20% off is almost half price compared to new. A crazy cheap way to restock your supplies or start your own sax and flute shop! Minimum order $100. Additional volume discount: 20% off for orders over $250, 30% off orders over $500.


Natural cork, all 4 x 12” sheets in good condition. The rolled-up piece is 1/16" to show flexibility. I don't know the maker, but I've had several comments from the shops that have purchased it that it is exceptional cork. Most prices are more than 30% off average new prices at the common suppliers, and I don't require a business license!


3/16 $28.00 (around 69) ($42.78 at Ferree's)

1/8 $21.50 (around 51) ($33.70 at Ferree's)

1/64 $14.00 (Around 5) ($19.32 at Ferree's)


I've had several people ask for a price for the lot. It totals $4,300, and would be about $5,600 at Ferree's. A small amount may have sold, and I'd let the remainder go for $2,500 plus shipping.


I do not have any sizes other than what is listed.

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