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Ashantee Music has a huge collection of used mouthpieces for trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, trombone, baritone, euphonium and clarinet.  The stock changes so quickly that we do not list them individually.  A current inventory of some of the more unusual or collectible mouthpieces is below.  We also have hundreds of mouthpieces listed on eBay under seller AshanteeMusic (click here to see them) and a bunch more which are not listed.  Please click here if you have any questions!



Bach 1C gold, faded but excellent $100
Bach 1C, VG w/ minor scratches $45
Bach 1-1/2C, excellent, $45 
Bach 2-1/2 C, near perfect $45
Bach 3, small letter, excellent except minor wear on shank, $40
Bach 3C, minor wear  $35
Bach 3C, minor wear and scratches, $30
Bach 5B, VG, $35  (15)
Bach 5C gold excellent $100
Bach 5C, very good, $35 (10)
Bach 7C, excellent $25
Bach 7C, scratches on rim $15
Bach 7C, good, (88)  $15  10/$120
Bach 7C, VG, (84) $20  10/$165
Bach Corp 2 large period 1970’s? $50
Bach Corp no period 7C, shank wear (2) $25
Bach Corp. 3C, wear inside cup and on shank, $35
Bach Corp. 7C, good  $20
Bach Corp. 7C, near mint, $25
Bach Corp. 7C, shank wear and lots of pliers marks $10
Bach Corp. 7C, shank wear, $20
Bach 10C, exc, $45
Bach Megatone 1C, excellent, $90
Bach Megatone 5C. Small scratches and one plier ding (?) on the outside edge of             the body. $50
Bach Mt. Vernon 6 $159
Bach small letter 3C, excellent, $45
Bach small letter 3C, shank wear, $40
Blessing 7C, excellent, $20 (9) (5 for $80)
Bob Reeves Sleeves, 4.5, 4.75, one unlabeled $20 ea.
Carol Brass 7C NIB $25
Conn 4, minor wear, $35
SOLD Curry 3BC with leather pouch, nearly new 50
Curry Sound Sleeve Magnum CCaps, good condition, minor wear, 3/$50
Diorio (vintage) Back Bore P with wear (fits Tottles, Hammond, Warburton, etc.) $30
Faxx 3C, very good  $10
Glastex C, good condition, $15
Glastex clear, very good  $10
GR Compubalanced 65M—still wrapped, likely new  $200
Hammond Design 1ML nearly new  $90
Hammond Design  4MV nearly new  $90
SOLD Hammond Design 3MLX excellent $90
SOLD Hammond Design 3MV nearly new  $90
Hammond Design 7S nearly new  $90
Hammond Design cup, unmarked, fits, Pickett, Tottle, Warburton, etc. $30
       (These fit Warburton cornet shanks and Diorio & Warburton trumpet shanks               listed)
Harrelson 5mm modular trumpet mouthpiece throats F165.21 and D141.215 $50/pr
King 7M like new $20
King 7M, good, scratches and small dings on rim, wear on shank  $10
King M18 50’s-60’s (made for Master series trumpets) VG $50
Monette Prana Gold B6 81, worn plating, small scratches and dings throughout,               $180
Monette Prana Gold BP2LS3 TS, Bb Piccolo, like new in box $250
Monette-style 3C gold color, minor wear, $25
Monette-style 3C silver, like new, $25
Rudy Muck Cushion Rim 13C Poor condition $20
Rudy Muck Cushion Rim 19C, gold, scratches and dings in rim, small splits in tip of            shank $30
Rudy Muck Cushion Rim 19C, worn, dings, scratches $20
Schilke 12, minor dings and shank wear, $30
Schilke 13A4, minor wear and scratches, perfectly playable. $35
Schilke 13A4A, minor wear $40 (2)
Schilke 14A4A, minor scratches, moderate shank wear $30
Schilke 16C4 insertion wear on lower shank $35
Sound M23C Monette-style, exc. $40
Tottle Back Bores P, O-26 $35 ea (also fit Warburton, Hammond, Pickett)
Tottle Tops 2B, 2C, 3F (scratches on rim) (fit Diorio above) $30 ea. 
           -->All 3 Tottle back bores, Diorio back bore and 3 Tottle cups $170
Vincent Bach 1C, small letter, nearly new, $45
Vincent Bach 1-1/4C, nearly new, $45
Vincent Bach 1-1/2C 22 throat, 24 back bore, gold rim, like new $110
Vincent Bach 1-1/2C, gold, excellent, gold mostly worn off shank at insertion area               $130
Vincent Bach 3C, nearly new in box $45
Vincent Bach 3C, small letter, excellent, $40
Vincent Bach 3CMT, excellent, minor external wear and scratches  $40
Vincent Bach 5C, small letter, shank wear, small scratches, $25
Vincent Bach 5C, nearly new, $40
Vincent Bach Corp. 6C, excellent  $40
Vincent Bach 7, nearly new, $45
Vincent Bach Corp. 7DW, like new  $45
Vincent Bach Corp. NY 7CW, good physically but silver very worn  $50
Vincent Bach small letter 10-1/2CW, excellent $35
Vincent Bach large letter 10-1/2D, excellent, $45
Vincent Bach Corp. 11EW, excellent, $45
Vintage Conn 4, poor, $10
Vintage Reid’s Confo Rim 019 C, excellent, $40
Warburton Ft. Lauderdale 8D screw-rim top $40
Warburton 10 back bore $45
Warburton 6D Top, excellent $45
Warburton Malloy Top, very good with light scratches $40
Warburton 6MD Top, very good with minor dings $40
       (Warburton cornet shanks below. Also fit Diorio shank above.)
Yamaha 11A5, VG w/ ver minor dings, $30
Yamaha 11B4, excellent, $30 (4)
Yamaha 11B4, VG, $20 (20) 6/$100
Yamaha 11C4, VG $25
Yamaha 11C4-7C, excellent $30
Yamaha 11C4-7C, playable, small dings and scratches on rim, $10
Yamaha 11E4, ding on rim, shank wear $25
Yamaha 14A4a, excellent, very small dings on rim $30
Yamaha 14A4a, nearly new, $35
Yamaha 15B4, excellent, $35
Yamaha 15E4, excellent $35
Yamaha 15E4, small dings on side $30
MISSING Yamaha 16C4, excellent, $35
Yamaha Custom 16C4-GP, minor scratches $50 (2)


Austin Custom Brass (ACB) Flugel 1BFX, excellent, $60
Bach corp. 3C FL  Flugel, VG, $40
Bach 5B cornet, very good, $35 (4)
Bach 5C Cornet small scratches all over $20
Bach 5C cornet, external wear $25
Bach 5C cornet, very good, $35  (4)
Bach 5CFL, excellent $40
Bach Corp 3C small font, no period, like new $35
Bach Corp 5C small font exc $30
Bach Corp no period Cornet 7C, poor condition, $10
Bach Corp. 2-1/2 C, insertion marks, a little plating wear inside lip of cup, $25
Bach Corp. 7C like new $35
Bach Corp. MegaTone 5C Like new $65
Bach Megatone 1C Cornet, Gold, exc. $130
Bach Mt. Vernon 6C Cornet, minor wear, scratches on outer edge of rim $50
Bach Mt. Vernon 7C Cornet, lots of wear, dings, and scratches $30
Benge 5C flugelhorn, very good, $20
Benge 7C poor $10
Benge 7C FL, minor external marks, cup is excellent  $40
Besson 15 Flugelhorn, minor dings, $40
Buescher Tru-Tone Duo-Cup 99-D, rim good, shank has some plier gouges and has              been rerounded $40
Conn 4 cornet with just small dings  $20
Curry Precision SS-2010 mouthpiece weight $20
E-Z Tone USA Cornet, worn, $10
Frank Holton 77 cornet, scratches and insertion wear $35
GR CompuBalanced 65FL flugel, in wrapper, likely new $200
HT-3-27 mouthpiece, VG w/ minor wear and ding.  (C-trumpet or jazz, Mt. Vernon                copy rim, deep 3 cup, #10 backbore, 27 hole)  $85
Leblanc Paris French taper G flugelhorn, very light scratches $90
Olds 3 Cornet, wear and dings, $10
Parduba NY Double Cup *5* cornet, gold, nearly new $100
Parduba NY Double Cup Flugel *5*, silver, nearly new $75
Pickett Brass 28C top, fits Warburton, Diorio and unknown shank below ($35)
Vincent Bach 5C cornet small letter VG $20
Vincent Bach 7C cornet small letter VG $15
Vincent Bach Corp. 5C 23 back bore cornet—excellent $45
Vincent Bach Corp. 7C S backbore cornet, excellent $40
Vincent Bach Corp. 7E 28/117 cornet, excellent $45
Vintage Bach Corp 3CFL spaced period VG $60
Vintage Conn Model—small dings and scratches, silver about 50%  $20
Warburton 4FLM flugel, nearly new, $65
Warburton cornet long shank backbores, no sizes, fit Hammond, Tottle, etc. $35 ea
           (Lots of Warburton tops under trumpet stuff above)
Warburton 3FL flugel exc, $60
Yamaha 11C4 Cornet, good, $25 (5)
Yamaha 11E4 short-shank cornet, nearly new, $35
Yamaha 16E short-shank cornet, excellent, $35
Yamaha 11A4 cornet, nearly new with box $35
Yamaha 7F4 flugel, excellent, $35
Yamaha 11F4 flugel, very good, small dings on rim $30
Yamaha 12F3d flugel, very good, small dings on rim (2) $30
Yamaha MP 14F4 long trumpet shank mellophone, insertion marks and light $35


Bach 12C small shank, good, $30  (6)   5/$120
Bach 5GS small shank, vg, $35
Bach 6-1/2AL large shank, very good, $35 (10)
Bach 6-1/2AL small shank, exc, (20) $40   (5 for $160)
Bach 6-1/2AL small shank, good $30 (10)  (5 for $120)
Conn 6.5AL-S, good  $20
Holton 47, excellent $25
Holton 12C small shank, exc, (9)  $25  5/$100
Holton 82, poor $15
Newer King 12, very good $25
Olds 3 small shank, dings, wear on shank $20
Schilke 50 small shank, good, $40
Schilke 51D small shank, very good, initials engraved, $45
Vintage King M21, poor with scratches and wear $50
Yamaha 47 small shank, poor, $20
Yamaha 48 small shank, good, $20 (21)  5/ $85
Yamaha 48L large shank, very good, $30  (20)  5/$120
Yamaha 48L large shank, good, $25 (38) 5/$110

Yamaha 45C2-12C small shank, exc, $35 (13)  5/$150


Conn 2, excellent  $20
Conn Connstellation 7BW, gold, very good, wear on shank  $25
Farkas MDC, poor, pitted  $10
Farkas, very good $25
Frank Holton & Co., poor, dings, wear  $5
Vincent Bach Corp. 7, poor, pitted  $5

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