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Shop Our Huge Selection Of Musical Instruments!

Ashantee Music strives to have the best value in used and refurbished musical instruments.  If you don't see what you're looking for, please drop us a line!  We have a huge backlog of instruments in our shop, and we're happy to bump one to the front of the line just for you!

Credit Card Purchases:  Due to recent losses from fraudulent credit card purchases, any purchase over $500 made via Wix Payments using a credit card will require a copy of the credit card and photo ID.  After your purchase, you will be contacted with instructions how to provide these, or you may send them directly via the "contact us" link.  Items will not be shipped prior to these copies being provided.  Items will be shipped only to the address on the ID.  To avoid this, PayPal is the preferred payment method.

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