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Instrument Trial Program


Ashantee Music supports 5-day trials of most intermediate and professional instruments.  The 5-day trial period is defined as date of receipt through date of return shipping as indicated by tracking numbers.

Please contact us to schedule your trial period—being sure to factor in weekends, lessons, rehearsals and concerts—so as to best utilize the time you have to evaluate the instrument.  If you plan on taking an instrument to your technician, please allow adequate time during your trial period.

We require a 100% down-payment plus initial shipping and insurance.  

If you choose to purchase an instrument, please contact Ashantee Music for payment options.  If you do not provide us with a return tracking number prior to the end of the trial period, any balance due including any taxes or processing fees will be charged to your credit card.

If you choose not to purchase the instrument, you are responsible for return shipping and insurance costs.  On receipt of your instrument as described below, Ashantee Music will refund your original purchase price less a 2.5% processing fee.

Instruments must be returned in the same condition and with all accessories as when they were shipped.  You assume liability for loss or damage to the instrument while in your possession and during return shipping.  Instruments will be inspected for damage or missing parts on receipt by Ashantee Music, and equivalent repair or replacement charged to your credit card.

Trials are not available for all instruments, and we reserve the right to refuse trials for any reason.

Participation in the instrument trial program implies and indicates your consent with the above terms.

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