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Buffet Crampon R13V "Vintage Model" Clarinet!

Buffet Crampon R13V "Vintage Model" Clarinet!

One of several professional clarinets we are offering for sale.  This is a hard-to-find Buffet Crampon R13 Vintage Model (BC1131V-2-0) in Bb.  S/n 541XXX makes it about 2005.  It is in exceptional condition:  no chips, cracks, or repairs, and the silver (not nickel) plated keys are about 99% with minor scratches but little if any wear at all.  Just through the shop where it was bore oiled and was repadded in the traditional manner with all new Ferree’s B17 de’Jur double-bladder, pressed felt pads, since of course the entire purpose of the R13 Vintage design is to feel and sound like a 1950’s Buffet, which predated Valentino by at least a couple weeks.  Includes the R13V2 660 barrel, which I believe is the reverse taper bore similar to a Moennig with all the intonation-correcting advantages thereof.  An exceptional clarinet for anyone, and especially for those who prefer that bold, warm, big sound of Buffet’s earliest clarinets without the risk of damaged wood and worn out keys.  MSRP $7,415, and typically sold for about $4,500 when you could find them (about $5,500 adjusted for inflation, if you want that perspective.)  Includes a Boveda 2-way humidity control and new Backun swab.  Cork grease and key oil are for local pickup only and will not be shipped.  All in the deluxe Buffet leather attache case with gold hardware.  A hard-to-find clarinet in exceptional condition at thousands less than new (if you could even get it new), and just in time for Christmas!

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