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Oscar Adler Sonora 1357/4 Maple Bassoon

Oscar Adler Sonora 1357/4 Maple Bassoon

We are pleased to offer for sale this excellent Sonora 1357/4 by Oscar Adler.  S/n 58XX, Made In the Democratic Republic of Germany.  It is in excellent condition with minor wear to the nickel plating on just a couple of the keys, and very little wear at all to the varnished maple body.  No chips, cracks, or repairs at all.  Pads are white stitched leather, all in good condition.  Just shop adjusted and ready to play, with the caveat that bassoon—like oboes—hate delivery trucks, airplanes, and bumpy roads, and may need a touch-up on arrival.  Includes some advanced keywork:  high D key, extra low C touch, five rollers, left hand thumb whisper key lock, three trill keys, extra Bb, F#, and G# keys.  A well-respected intermediate horn, known for a warm tone with accurate intonation and tuning.


Includes Adler 1, 2, and 3 bocals (which sell new for $377 each!) cleaning swabs, seat and neck straps, palm rest, case with key, and case cover.  The perfect horn for an advanced musician, in far better condition than usually found, and at about $4,500 less than new!

    $4,295.00 Regular Price
    $3,295.00Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax
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