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Oscar Adler Sonora 1358 Maple Bassoon! Reconditioned, White Leather Pads

Oscar Adler Sonora 1358 Maple Bassoon! Reconditioned, White Leather Pads

We are pleased to offer for sale this excellent Sonora 1358/2 bassoon. S/n 48XX, made in Germany. I can’t find a good serial number resource anywhere, but this predates the 1974 we sold some time ago, so is likely early seventies and certainly one of the sought-after models made by Oscar Adler before the Sonora name was sold.  It is in excellent condition with minor wear to the nickel plating on just a couple of the keys, and very little wear at all to the varnished maple body. Some very short tenon cracks which were sealed and do not go into the body of the instrument, but no other chips, cracks, or repairs at all. Just though the shop in April 2024, where it was disassembled, cleaned, polished, lubed, new U-tube cork gasket installed, tenons re-wound or re-corked, and all new white leather pads installed.  Plays absolutely beautifully, with the caveat that bassoons—like oboes—hate delivery trucks, airplanes, and bumpy roads, and may need a touch-up on arrival.


This is the model above the popular 1357, with some extra keys including ten rollers rather than five, high D key, extra low C touch, left hand thumb whisper key lock, four trill keys (E-F#, C#, Eb, Ab/Bb), extra Bb, F#, and G# keys. A well-respected semi-professional horn, known for a warm tone with accurate intonation and tuning.


Cork grease is for local pickup only, but it does include a strap, silk swab, three reeds, and a Fox *CTC* #3 bocal in good condition—thin walled, free-blowing, and itself about $700 new when you could find it.  All in a case with cosmetic wear but very good condition structurally.


A sought after, high-intermediate or semiprofessional bassoon in completely overhauled condition, and at about $5,000 less than new!

    $5,499.00 Regular Price
    $4,949.10Sale Price
    Excluding Sales Tax
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