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Vintage Bach NY Stradivarius Trumpet

Vintage Bach NY Stradivarius Trumpet

(This example sold for $2,595 Nov. 2020)  Amazing Vincent Bach Corporation New York Strad. 37 bell, 25 leadpipe. S/n 92XX, roughly 1950, Bronx factory. Lacquer and nickel, corporation bell. Lacquer does have some wear and etching as seen around the valves in the contact areas, as seen in the photos. Very small, very shallow dings here and there, but nothing at all noticeable unless you’re looking for them. Very nice patch on the second valve tuning slide where it probably had they typical dents removed sometime during its life. All tuning slides free, including the third-valve dump slide. Best of all, the original valves were just completely rebuilt by the fabulous Mark Metzler, and look absolutely new! New springs, felts, and alignment by Mark. Compression is amazing--see Mark's assessment below--and this is probably the second-best-playing horn we've ever owned, among hundreds of Strads and dozens of NY Strads. (The best was also a NY Strad.) Bach 5B mouthpiece included, and a vintage case in good condition but with a paracord replacement handle. (You can easily replace this if you want.) One of the best vintage trumpets you'll find on the market, and just in time for Christmas!

We are happy to ship for $60 if you use PayPal.  Please see our other items for more professional brass.  We do collect sales tax on all transactions within KY.

"As measured with the Magnehelic, the compression is perfect in both the up and down positions, with the slides removed and the slide tubes plugged. Theres slight blow-by when the slides are installed rather than the plugs, so the slide fit may not be perfect. But any leakage is slight and almost certainly not noticeable from a players standpoint. The Mag, to my understanding, introduces pressure that is 32 times what a player could possibly generate, so if I were to dial down the Mag to less pressure, the blow-by attributed to the slide fit could disappear entirely."

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